Lobbying and Public Affairs

What is Lobbying?

Lobbying is based on inclusion and the right to be heard. It requires a process of organizing citizens into groups so that their voices may be heard by decision-makers. By nature, it is a part of healthy legislative processes of a democratic system. The objective of lobbying is to influence the decisions of people in power, either in the public or the private sectors, for the betterment of a community and society.

It is an essential tool, when exercised with transparency and high ethical standards, which can aid decision-makers in making faster and more informed choices for the populace. In Europe, lobbying and public affairs have played a large role in decision-making and legislative processes, bringing people’s concerns and ideas to the surface on a variety of matters.

Why We Lobby

The state of public affairs in Cyprus must include transparency and high ethical standards; attributes upon which LPAP was founded on. We want to demonstrate to the Cypriot government and legislation that their inclusion in lobbying is a necessity, and that good lobbying has a positive impact on public policy and decision-making.

We will monitor legislative and regulatory processes as well as bring stakeholders together to influence decision-makers through evidence based analysis.