About Us


Who We Are

LPAP Cyprus Association of Lobbyists & Public Affairs Professionals is a non-profit organization founded in January 2017 and is based in Cyprus. LPAP is the leading public affairs association in Cyprus. Our mission is to set standards of public affairs professional engagement in Cyprus by practicing good lobbying adhering to EU standards, bringing transparency and evidence-based analysis in stakeholder communication.

We monitor legislative and regulatory processes, promote knowledge and learning on public affairs and lobbying by engaging interested parties in good lobbying and bringing stakeholders together through the practice of good lobbying.

In the past we have been proud members of the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE), which is a European association that brings together professional lobbyists from each of the 27 countries of the EU. Members discuss public affairs issues and share experiences for the purpose of improving the state of public affairs in Europe.

LPAP promotes knowledge, research and analysis, community and stakeholder engagement of highest ethical standards. We organize conferences, seminars, conversations, and speeches from key-figures in public policy making, as well as develop and distribute information through studies that will be presented in a variety of formats. The purpose is to promote thoroughly accurate and relevant information to all of our members, and to stay aligned with our goals.

We commit to the education of professionals and the civic public on good lobbying and keep interested parties updated on the state of public policies.