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Cyprus Lobbying and Public Affairs Professionals Association (LPAP) was founded in 2017 to educate the business, policy and civic constituencies on the strengths and benefits of good lobbying, and to monitor legislative and regulatory processes in a transparent manner that adheres to EU best practices and code of conduct. It promotes the value of evidence based analysis in stakeholder communication. LPAP’s  new board of directors, appointed in June 2021, bring a renewed perspective on lobbying, with principles founded in transparency, equality, and integrity. We are also proud to present our new logo and website.

Developed democracies function best where good lobbying is present. Transparent communication between stakeholders, civil society, trade associations, public policy makers, and the government to shape public policies, is an active pillar of communication within functional democracies. The new regulatory framework, paired with the practice of good public affairs and lobbying, will bring legislative and decision-making processes to the forefront, allowing for a more engaged transparent process to influence decision-making.

The Cyprus’ House of Representatives continues the discussion around a bill to regulate  lobbying. This new legislation attempts to increase transparency and reduce the threat of corruption. With regulations finally gaining momentum, LPAP will be present to promote the significance of lobbying and stakeholder communications. The association will ensure that there is transparency and communication, as per EU standards, by monitoring legislative and regulatory processes, and key figures as well as educating professionals and the civic public on good lobbying and the state of public policies.

Contact: contact@lpap.cy